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October 16, 2006 at 9:34 pm | Posted in Blog | 2 Comments
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As you may or may not know, Microsoft’s finally came out of beta age on September 13 and rendered its predecessor redundant. From this date on, all searches are redirected to Windows Live.

No doubt, the young Microsoft search engine is cool and, to some extent, represents a new generation of Web search engines with its Search Macros. However, along with old kind gone, its very valuable for every Newsmaster RSS feeds also gone. doesn’t provide RSS feeds following its Web search queries.

To our knowledge Microsoft, despite accusations in some rigidness and certainly not being as cool as his Search Engine counterparts Google and Yahoo, first introduced RSS feeds based on Web search queries. Then, some other guys followed the suit (here is a list of Search Engines providing this feature).

Why RSS Search Feeds Based On Web Searches Are Important? We will refer you to the article published by the Newsmastering godfather Robin Good. To make a long story short, the web search queries allow Newsmasters to tap into an area not covered by blogs, news, multimedia and message boards and believe us this area is still huge albeit not so dynamic as the above information domains.

IMHO, the Microsoft searches were the best amongst the Web Search Engines that also reported elsewhere.

We were upset for a while but then we found workarounds. Two great newsmastering tools – Kebberfegg and Tagjag – are still producing the RSS feeds based on MSN searches.

When you get into Kebberfegg, which is described at its parent site, as a tool to help you generate large sets of keyword-based RSS feeds at one time. Keyword-based RSS feeds (some people call them “search based feeds”) are those RSS feeds generated as a result of doing a search — for example, both Yahoo News and Google News have keyword-based RSS feeds., you type a keyword string, for example “RadarFarms”, into Query box, choose “Web Search Engines” from Categories of RSS Feeds You’d Like to Generate drop-down and press Submit button.

Then, you press XML icon under MSN Web Search link and just copy link into a RSS Reader of your choice

Concerning Tagjag, you should place your search keyword string (e.g., RadarFarms) into Search for box and press Find It button.

When you find MSN icon, click on it and you get into the very same MSN RSS feed. All you need to do is copy and paste the link.

If you are being just lazy, you don’t have even to use the above tools – all you need to do is to type in string into a RSS Radar and just enjoy your information fix.

Hopefully, Microsoft will catch up with RSS feeds for and we won’t have to use these workarounds.



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