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Most, if not all, of you are familiar with the Consumer Reports magazine, which self-describes itself as the trusted source for Ratings and recommendations of brand-name consumer products and services since 1936. Because we do not accept any ads and are completely independent, our priority is to provide you with the facts you need to know more, shop smart, and save money. Whether you’re looking for a car, a computer, a vacuum cleaner, or a mutual fund, you’ll learn how to get the best value.

Web 2.0 gave a birth to a huge variety of services, technologies and applications and somebody was supposed to take a role of the Consumer Reports magazine for Web 2.0. The somebody is Michael Arrington and its hugely popular blog – TechCrunch.

Everybody, who is somehow involved in Web 2.0, knows the blog and its evaluation may sort of make or break virtually any Web 2.0 company.

Here is what Wikipedia says about TechCrunch:

TechCrunch is a blog about Web 2.0 products & companies, many written by Michael Arrington. The blog’s first post was on June 11, 2005.

The website’s Technorati rank is 8. As of November 20, 2006, it has 129,000 readers subscribed to its FeedBurnerRSS feed

TechCrunch became the subject of popular Internet meme among venture capitalists and entrepreneurs after investor Josh Kopelman, the managing director of First Round Capital, noted that “Too many companies are targeting an audience of 53,651

TechCrunch sells image advertisements for $10,000 USD per month.

We give Michael all due credit but our article is about more low-profile Library clips, which is, in our opinion, the best reference source for the RSS Aggregation and Newsmastering and may be considered as the Newsmastering’s “Consumer Reports

John Torpea from Australia launched the blog on February 7, 2005 and described his mission very humble way: “This blog is a space for me to share some ideas, thoughts, and feedback…from a librarian’s point of view.

Like most people I’m interested in blogs, rss, social bookmarks, wiki’s, etc..so I’ll use this site to ask questions and discuss ideas about these topics and wishlist features.

My special interest is in current awareness tools (alert services, monitoring, clipping, newsmastering), also in following blog conversations..”

Man, what the job he has done since then! If you are into the RSS Aggregation, Newsmastering, OPML and all this geeky stuff, you may spend virtually hours on his blog.

As you may or may not know, “Newsmastering” catchphrase was coined by another powerful blogger – Luigi Canali De Rossi a.k.a Robin Good –  in his manifesto “The RSS NewsMaster” in March 2004. Robin Good basically defined Newsmastering, its roots, future need in it as a measure to beat Information Overload and predicted birth of Newsmasters as information librarians of the 21st century. He wasn’t just theoritized but created a very hands on The RSS NewsMaster’s Toolkit in March 2005, providing full guidance to the production process required to create automatically aggregated vertical news feeds, and topic-specific information sites by leveraging the power of RSS.

We aggregated Robin Good’s articles and numerous references on his research and essays in this feed:


However, lately Library clips became a real authority in evaluating the Newsmastering services, tools and concepts. Google Search on the blog returned 1360 records on Newsmastering:


John also created the excellent collection of the Newsmastering web links:


We are monitoring his new items on a regular basis and he provides great Competitive Intelligence in the Newsmastering area:-)

Unfortunately, our RadarFarms.com has not gotten under John’s radar yet and he took a break from blogging. However, we are looking forward to both the John’s return and his evaluation of our services.


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