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On Friday 13th, 2007 David Sifry, the founder and CEO of Technorati has announced on his blog the acquisition of Personal Bee, a social publishing company.

This is what he said about Personal Bee:

Personal Bee is a media collection platform that enables the each of us to curate and publish our own personal sites around topics, issues, or anything else we choose. It lets anyone (that means you) create and update collections of interesting citizen and mainstream media, publish them to a personal or public page, and start a following. I’ve been using it for a while now and let me tell you: it’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s FUN. 

Personal Bee one of the leading news and media aggregators was a very early adopter of Newsmastering approach. When they started couple years ago – it was one man moonlighting project ran by Nicholas Chim, a former Developer and a junior Venture Capitalist with MDV. The product was very interesting but way too raw. Then everything magically changed when Ted Shelton came on board and brought his vision and early seed money.

That’s how Ted, a Silicon Valley veteran, describes the early Personal Bee days and him getting familiarized with the Nicholas’s idea: 

Nicholas Chim then an associate with MDV in Menlo Park, started work on what we now call “The Personal Bee” early in 2005. His goal was to create a tool for himself, to help him sort through vast quantities of information that MDV partners wanted him to track on a wide variety of technology topics. He set up an account for me in May of 2005, but I didn’t do much with the Bee at that time as I was busy with my job at Orb. But when that came to an end in August of last year, I stopped by to see Nick and chat about his idea. I immediately saw something quite a bit different in Nick’s product from his original vision of a reader’s tool for aggregating and sorting through news. While the Bee could serve that need as well, I saw a set of tools that would automate the hardest part of the tasks that I had encountered in creating IP Inferno and a platform that would allow anyone to painlessly publish a vertical news portal on a narrow topic of their choosing. I saw the beginning of an ecosystem between readers, editors, and writers…

The Personal Bee in a very short time became perhaps most user friendly Newsmastering portal (curiously enough they never used this definition in their blogs/content). Good for them! 

We are genuinely happy that this acquisition, the very first one by Technorati, validates in a way this approach to Information delivery, personalization and publishing. This deal in addition to public release of Yahoo! Pipes just emphasizes that Newsmastering slow but surely became mainstream.  

We don’t know whether Personal Bee will stays ”as is” now or will be transformed into Technorati Conversational Marketing System but it would be interesting to see how the things will unfold. 

And we weren’t a Newsmastering portal, if we wouldn’t create a Radar tracking this acquisition’s buzz on the Web. 



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