RadarFarms releases a first set of Blidgets!

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RadarFarms releases a first set of Blidgets!  The idea behind blidgets (a short for bl[og w]idgets) is to enable promotion of a blog on web sites, other blogs and social networking destinations like MySpace. A blidget is basically a wrapper around an RSS feed.  The blidgets are enabled by Widgetboxan online marketplace that connects widget developers and widget consumers. The RadarFarms blidgets will provide their subscribers to the ability to embed and display the bits of our content (Radars) anywhere and everywhere. At this moment, our site features 13 blodgets: 

Farms Voice Blidget

You can embed any of those blidgets into My Space, Facebook and other popular social networking, blogging or personalized sites or just plug into any 3rd part site by clicking “Get Widget“:

Get Widget

We will keep adding Blidgets to most of our radars. If you want to create Radar and/or get your Blidget contact us at: support@radarfarms.com.

In the meantime, we have already a first subscription for our Banned Commercials blidget at: http://rucku.elgg.org/keny/profile/.


Radar Wizard is now available!

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We launched Radar Wizard, a tool that makes Newsmastering – generating News Radars – extremely easy.

Radar Wizard Thumbnail

The tool, available to all our registered members, allows you create your own radar in five simple steps:

 1.      Five types of feeds will be generated for your radar by default: News, Blogs, Web Search, Research, and Multimedia. Select a desired mix of feeds by checking or un-checking Feed Type checkboxes on the top of the page.

2.      Enter radar search keyword or phrase, e.g. swords or “archeological discovery”+ Greece, and click Generate button. Feed items will be displayed below in the preview pane.

3.      Review the results to ensure your selection criteria finds what you expect. You can modify search criteria at any time and click on Generate button again to refresh the results. You can also exclude unwanted feed types by un-checking a checkbox beside appropriate feed type in the preview pane.

4.      Once you are satisfied with the quality and relevance of returned feed items, click on Publish button on the bottom of the page. A floating page for entering your radar description will be displayed.   

5.      Enter radar name and radar description, and click on Save button. Congratulations, your radar is now created! message appears.

To access your new radar, click on My Radars link located on the top menu bar. You can also access your published radars from any RadarFarms page by clicking on My Radars links in the menu. Once the radar is created you can modify its description, add or edit RSS feeds, and attach them to your radar using RadarFarms administration module. To access it, click on My Admin link located on the top menu bar. 

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