How Jelena Jankovic splits boosted RadarFarms traffic

September 8, 2007 at 11:42 pm | Posted in Blog | Leave a comment
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Some of us here at RadarFarms are avid tennis fans and amateur players and, all of us being male, admire female beauty. Because of this combination, a couple of weeks ago, we couldn’t have helped but to create the “Tennis Beauties” radar; aggregating videos of the dozen hottest women on the WTA tour. Nothing wrong with this, we presume.

As many of you know, the US Open Tennis Tournament that is going on at Flushing Meadows in New York gave a bit of a boost to our new radar. However, then something unexpected happened. We witnessed on Wednesday September 5 a giant match between the cute, albeit inordinary looking, Serbian Jelena Jankovic and the still active tennis legend Venus Williams. While playing quite well and very hard; Jelena managed to smile, giggle, and tease Jerry Seinfeld (who was in attendance that night) and slowly, but surely, conquered the hearts of the audience in Flushing Meadows and those watching from home. The audience was witness to a spectacular display of acrobatics from Jelena who, while trying to save some shots, managed to pull some splits from her bag of tricks (probably from sheer desperation more than anything else, really).

Presumably, it was a tipping point and as soon as the match was completed the male tennis fans (and maybe some females too), overwhelmed so much by the tennis diva, started Googling – trying to peek again on Jelena’s splits.  Apparently, since 5:10am PST on September 6 our humble radar happened to be on the first page of search results returned by Google for: “Jelena splits”, “Jelena Jankovic does splits” and similar search keywords.

As a result, since then and until this morning,  we’ve experienced 150 visits via 74 keywords for “Jankovic”, boosting our traffic to its highest level since mid-February 2007.


It’s too bad that this splitomania faded away and/or Google somehow revised its ranking for this hot subject (as of this morning, Google dropped us from the top 50 search results for Jelena’s heroics).  But life goes on ..


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