Attention Advertisers! We launched 77Radars – “Long Tail” Advertising Service

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The numbers are staggering. Most pay-per-click advertising is aimed at 1-2 word search queries. Yet, over 80% of web traffic comes from highly-specific, “long tail” (3 words or more) search queries. Meaning, your competition is paying fiercely for the attention of less than 20% of web users.

Our Radars, on the other hand, attract massive amounts of long tail traffic. Advertising on 77Radars gets you the attention of very valuable web users. Learn more…

77Radars are News Radars we give special love and attention to, because we think they’re particularly important topics. Choose a radar you like in the cloud and become its Sponsor.

Think you can do better? Click here to create and sponsor your own News Radar.


Welcome to our new RadarFarms site!

January 30, 2008 at 1:58 am | Posted in Farm News | 1 Comment
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Welcome to our new RadarFarms site! We are committed to make your visitor, News Radar owner and sponsor experience informative, entertaining and rewarding.

The site also features our new advertising service – 77Radars – which allows online advertisers to tap into unprecedented power of Long Tail search (odd search queries with 3 and more keywords) which greatly overpowers in both volume and value traditional generic keywords covered by pricey Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click offering.

If you are interested, you could read more about the Long Tail Advertisng approach and visit our 77Radars page.

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