Stats and Clicks for our Sponsored Radars – Part I

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As you may or may not know, we officially launched 77Radars – Long Tail advertising service, which represents a viable cost-efficient no-hassle alternative to traditional Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and/or Paid Search/Pay-per-Click (PPC). The idea is that most pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is aimed at 1-2 word search queries. Yet, over 80% of web traffic comes from highly-specific, “long tail” (3 words or more) search queries.  

Thanks to its role as an informational source and aggregator for odd “long tail” search queries, RadarFarms allows the new hosted radars to be indexed and ranked high by Google and other major search engines in a very short period time (sometimes as short as 1 day). 

Seventy seven (77) pre-built News Radars, each delivering a combination of highly focused content and tag clouds indexed by Search Engines allows Radars to get high Search Engine Ranking (SER), and designed to be considered high authority’s source by the Engines. 

New Radars “piggyback” on high ranking on the whole site and get high SER in very short time. 

Your website’s banner and links placed at one of our News Radars will drive high-quality traffic, which will bring more revenue than the traffic coming through generic (one- or two-word) keywords targeted by traditional SEO since it represents a bigger part of Natural Search traffic and visitors coming through the long tail keywords are also more willing to buy than those who are coming through the generic queries. 

For sixteen months prior to launching the 77Radars, we have been running three Sponsored Radars: 

·          Toronto Real Estate

 ·          Web Software for Associations and Non-Profits 

·          Sports Fans Online  

These radars carried the advertiser’ banners and we had sufficient time to monitor the radar’s traffic as well clicks on the banners. The chart below indicates stats for the Sponsored Radars collected from 11/24/2006 to 12/16/2007: 

Radar Name

Clicks Clicks/Month Pageviews CTR, %
Toronto Real Estate 96 7.6 5331 1.80
Web Software for Associations and Non-Profits 84 6.6 1177 7.14
Sports Fans Online 388 30.6 1929 20.11

The  best Click Through Rate (CTR) – 20.1% was achieved by Sports Fans Online radar sponsored by – a sport fan’s networking site.  

Another sponsor’ banner – WildApricot – Web-based Membership Software hosted at Web Software for Associations and Non-Profits radar also enjoyed quite decent CTR of 7.1%. 

The most popular Sponsored Radar – Toronto Real Estate – sponsored by Toronto Real Estate agent Rita Munits didn’t get too many clicks and her banner’s CTR was just 1.8%. The latter modest CTR could be explained by the fact that the Real Estate selling and buying still remains rather a brick-and-mortar business than an online one unlike the other sponsors, which are “pure” online businesses.                    


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