Who Are We?

The team behind RadarFarms.com is the same people who founded ITDynamo.com – the portal dedicated to career success and improving marketability and entrepreneurship among members of Toronto IT community. The portal also features JobExposer, the first Canadian job search engine built on RSS technology.

Working on JobExposer, we became engaged in Newsmastering and could really appreciate virtually unlimited potential of this approach to locating, aggregating, filtering, processing and publishing Web-based information based on a specific subject.

We strongly felt that the Newsmastering could change the way the Web information is supplied and consumed by people. We wanted to showcase the technology and provide Netizens with easy way to become Newsmasters. We also envision RadarFarms.com as a portal for Newsmasters where professionals and amateurs alike can read up-to-date information on the subject, share ideas and RSS feeds and collaborate in creating and maintaining News Radars.

Key people behind RadarFarms.com:

Oleg Branin

Oleg is ITDynamo co-founder and a visionary force behind RadarFarms.com. He is passionately involved in Web 2.0 movement, and is perceived by the team as “I have a gut feeling” guy. Oleg oversees the site’s content development, market research and marketing efforts, and is responsible for spreading the word about RadarFarms’ newsmastering capabilities and benefits. His background is in chemical and environmental sciences, in which he holds a Ph.D. degree. He has also gathered management, accounting, and business administration experience participating in several business ventures. Since coming to Canada over 10 years ago, Oleg has built successful consulting career in IT sector.

Lev Munits

Since co-founding ITDynamo in 2004, Lev’s role has been development of RadarFarms.com information architecture vision and evolving its technology platform. He directs R & D and Product Development activities, and shares the responsibility for setting ITDynamo’ strategic direction and business development with Oleg. Lev brings to the team over 20 years of progressive IT experience providing consulting services to large North American corporations in a variety of industries. Lev’s professional interests and expertise encompass areas such as Quality Assurance/Business Process Assurance, Business Intelligence, Information Engineering, ERP implementation and IT Project Management.

Oleg and Lev have assembled a small multi-talented team of developers and scientists, who share their vision and are committed to building ITDynamo into a leading provider of personalized web-based intelligent information search and publishing tools.

Would like to find out more about RadarFarms business solutions? Contact us at solutions@radarfarms.com


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