Business Solutions

Who can benefit from using is a “turn-key” platform offering the capability to create, publish, and access information radars – controlled streams of Web news, articles, multimedia, blog items covering very specific topics of interests of RadarFarms users.

If you are a Webmaster or Newsmaster, you will have the opportunity to enhance your website content by creating and publishing news radars at their own sites through Radar Widgets, which will allow them to increase market position, become a trustable content source and generate more traffic and/or revenues.

For Advertisers launching new products and services or expanding their market share, we can offer the capability to sponsor radars hosted at RadarFarms or embedded into their own sites thereby significantly increasing exposure to and attracting potential customers in affordable and cost-efficient manner. Thank to its role as an informational source and aggregator for odd “long tail” search queries, allows the new hosted radars to be indexed and ranked high by Google and other major search engines in very short period time (sometimes as short as 1 week).

Market Researchers, Product Managers and Competitive Intelligence professionals can benefit from monitoring and analyzing online response/buzz, Consumer-Generated Media and Word-of-Mouth information for products, services, brands and competitors.

If you are a Knowledge Worker or SEO Practitioner, you will be able to build, manage and use secure web-based information channels giving you competitive and/or innovative advantage, as well as create taxonomies for any subject of your interest and/or expertise (Keyword Intelligence).

When it comes to regular Internet users, they can easily create and use free information channels on the subject of interest, have access to versatile and cost-effective newsmastering tools for building their own news radars, hobby sites, marketplaces completed with “social infrastructure” – forums and blogs.

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