We Offer New Very Competitive Advertising Rates!

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We reduced our Advertising Rates making them extremely competitive!

See our new rates at Advertise at Radarfarms and Sponsor Registration at RadarFarms pages.

There are several samples we could bring up to prove our competiveness:

1. If you were to place your text link at our site (including all pages), your Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) would be just no more than $0.43US

2. If you are an angel or venture capitalist and looking to attract Web 2.0 companies, you could sponsor our Web 2.0 Radars group (which currently includes twenty five radars). It will cost you just up to $1.17CPM for your text link

3. If you are interested in advertising your services to investors into emerging Real Estate markets (Central America and Eastern Europe), advertise our Real Estate group of radars at cost of $0.78 per thousand impressions

4. You could sponsor any of individual radars at cost as little as $0.07 CPM (for a text link) or create new radars reflecting your market niche and attracting your target audience and place your banner or text link in there.

Our existing sponsors (see their links at 77Radars page) enjoy Click Through Rate (CTR) up to 4.7%, which is much higher than the industry average CTR of 0.5%. We explain the pattern by the power of Long Tail Aggregation Advertising.

If you are US-based advertiser, you could see our Advertising Profile estimated by Quantcast.

If you have any questions, please contact us at solutions@radarfarms.com and we will give you the best service we can!


Stats and Clicks for our Sponsored Radars – Part I

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As you may or may not know, we officially launched 77Radars – Long Tail advertising service, which represents a viable cost-efficient no-hassle alternative to traditional Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and/or Paid Search/Pay-per-Click (PPC). The idea is that most pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is aimed at 1-2 word search queries. Yet, over 80% of web traffic comes from highly-specific, “long tail” (3 words or more) search queries.  

Thanks to its role as an informational source and aggregator for odd “long tail” search queries, RadarFarms allows the new hosted radars to be indexed and ranked high by Google and other major search engines in a very short period time (sometimes as short as 1 day). 

Seventy seven (77) pre-built News Radars, each delivering a combination of highly focused content and tag clouds indexed by Search Engines allows Radars to get high Search Engine Ranking (SER), and designed to be considered high authority’s source by the Engines. 

New Radars “piggyback” on high ranking on the whole site and get high SER in very short time. 

Your website’s banner and links placed at one of our News Radars will drive high-quality traffic, which will bring more revenue than the traffic coming through generic (one- or two-word) keywords targeted by traditional SEO since it represents a bigger part of Natural Search traffic and visitors coming through the long tail keywords are also more willing to buy than those who are coming through the generic queries. 

For sixteen months prior to launching the 77Radars, we have been running three Sponsored Radars: 

·          Toronto Real Estate

 ·          Web Software for Associations and Non-Profits 

·          Sports Fans Online  

These radars carried the advertiser’ banners and we had sufficient time to monitor the radar’s traffic as well clicks on the banners. The chart below indicates stats for the Sponsored Radars collected from 11/24/2006 to 12/16/2007: 

Radar Name

Clicks Clicks/Month Pageviews CTR, %
Toronto Real Estate 96 7.6 5331 1.80
Web Software for Associations and Non-Profits 84 6.6 1177 7.14
Sports Fans Online 388 30.6 1929 20.11

The  best Click Through Rate (CTR) – 20.1% was achieved by Sports Fans Online radar sponsored by YourSportsFan.com – a sport fan’s networking site.  

Another sponsor’ banner – WildApricot – Web-based Membership Software hosted at Web Software for Associations and Non-Profits radar also enjoyed quite decent CTR of 7.1%. 

The most popular Sponsored Radar – Toronto Real Estate – sponsored by Toronto Real Estate agent Rita Munits didn’t get too many clicks and her banner’s CTR was just 1.8%. The latter modest CTR could be explained by the fact that the Real Estate selling and buying still remains rather a brick-and-mortar business than an online one unlike the other sponsors, which are “pure” online businesses.                    

Attention Advertisers! We launched 77Radars – “Long Tail” Advertising Service

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The numbers are staggering. Most pay-per-click advertising is aimed at 1-2 word search queries. Yet, over 80% of web traffic comes from highly-specific, “long tail” (3 words or more) search queries. Meaning, your competition is paying fiercely for the attention of less than 20% of web users.

Our Radars, on the other hand, attract massive amounts of long tail traffic. Advertising on 77Radars gets you the attention of very valuable web users. Learn more…

77Radars are News Radars we give special love and attention to, because we think they’re particularly important topics. Choose a radar you like in the cloud and become its Sponsor.

Think you can do better? Click here to create and sponsor your own News Radar.

Welcome to our new RadarFarms site!

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Welcome to our new RadarFarms site! We are committed to make your visitor, News Radar owner and sponsor experience informative, entertaining and rewarding.

The site also features our new advertising service – 77Radars – which allows online advertisers to tap into unprecedented power of Long Tail search (odd search queries with 3 and more keywords) which greatly overpowers in both volume and value traditional generic keywords covered by pricey Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click offering.

If you are interested, you could read more about the Long Tail Advertisng approach and visit our 77Radars page.

Are you looking to get more value from your advertising dollar?

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Google AdWords flipped the advertising industry on its head with a very simple idea. Advertise to people when, and only when, they’re searching for what you’re selling. Why waste money advertising on people who aren’t interested? With AdWords, advertisers were finally in control.  As long as we know what search terms people will use to find us, we’re all set.

The problem is, how can we know what terms people will use to find us?

If you go to your favorite search engine and type in “ice cream”, that’s very generic. “Ice cream” can refer to the thousands of different flavors, the different companies who produce them, the production process, the ingredients, the history of ice cream, etc etc. In short, “ice cream” isn’t given any context. As a result, your search results won’t be very relevant to you. What every Internet user learns very quickly is that we can refine our searches by adding more words. So, if you’re interested in learning how to make ice cream, you might literally search “how to make ice cream”.  You added words to clarify what you want to know.  We call these clarified search queries “long tail search terms”.The problem, for advertisers, is it’s almost impossible to know what someone will type into that search box. With AdWords, you need to specify which search queries you want to advertise on.

Did you know…

  • …that over 80% of web traffic is generated from long tail search queries?
  • …that every month, twenty percent of all searches done on Google are search terms that are brand new to the engine?

That last one is the really startling. 20%! That means 1 out of every 5 search queries has never, ever, been conducted before.

Let’s translate that in terms of what it means for your advertising dollar:

  • If you can’t think of every relevant long tail search query someone might use to find your product, you’re missing out on over 80% of the web.
  • 20% of the time, people interested in what you’re selling are using terms Google’s never heard of before.
  • The people you are advertising to, the people you’re paying good money to reach, are mostly not all that interested in you. They’re being advertised to based on generic terms, because getting specific is far too difficult.

We’re faced with a bit of a dilemma. On the one hand, the people who are the most interested in buying from you are the ones using detailed search queries (like “double chocolate ice cream”). On the other hand, if you’re in the ice cream business, it’s simply not realistic to try to take into account all the different ways someone might search for your products. Sure, you might compile a list of every flavor. But with every word, every new combination of words, the list of potential search terms increases exponentially in complexity. It’s just not doable.

What can you do? Are we really stuck paying for generic traffic in the hopes that someone might be willing to buy?

Isn’t there a better way?

Enter News Radars.  Let’s say you create a Radar for “ice cream”, that generic search term mentioned above.  Our News Radars will scour the web for any mention of “ice cream”.  Over time, this all gets collected in your News Radar, and, more importantly, search engines see that.  That means whenever anyone on the web writes something about “double chocolate ice cream”, which contains our generic term “ice cream”, it will show up in the News Radar.  Which means your News Radar will now be indexed by the search gods for, among a great list of long tail search terms, “double chocolate ice cream”.

News Radars become aggregators (collection buckets) for long tail search terms!

Think about that for a moment.  You can’t possibly think of every search query someone might use to find you.  But there’s a pretty good chance someone, at some point, will use those words in a blog posting or article somewhere on the Web.  Since your News Radar will find those, the Radar becomes associated, in the eyes of the search engines, with all of those long tail search terms.  People searching for “double chocolate ice cream” will find your Radar. A Radar you can advertise on.

Long Tail Aggregation Advertising

If you’re interested in exploring alternatives to the existing ad models, give us a shout.  Within the next month or so we’ll be launching a new service and some new features to help you take advantage of the Long Tail.

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