RadarFarms Made to Top 100,000 Sites by Quantcast

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As we’ve mentioned in our previous post; our site, RadarFarms, has been launched in June, 2006 and it is a whole eternity for the Internet age. Since then we went from zero traffic to over one million visits a year.

RadarFarms Yearly Visitors Overview by Google Analytics

RadarFarms Yearly Visitors Overview by Google Analytics

While one could argue that it is not a big deal to cite the phenomenal success the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Kosmix and YouTube, we are still proud of our milestone because we know how it has been achieved.

We’ve never had any funding from VCs or angel investors alike and the whole venture is, really, a moonlighting project by a core group of people who are looking for better ways to explore the Internet and how to unleash its unlimited powers.

OK – enough of the self-praising! Let’s get down to, relatively objective, evaluations by Website ranking services.

One of them, Quantcast, just rated our site as 99, 913 and, thus, we’ve made it to the top 100,000 sites rated by the web rating agency.

RadarFarms Dashboard by Quantcast

RadarFarms Dashboard by Quantcast

The ranking is particularly important to us since Quantcast directly measures our traffic in the USA and globally unlike its major competitor, Alexa, which ranks the sites by traffic passing through its proprietary toolbar and using some Internet visitor panels.

Some industry pundits consider Quantcast superior to other “for-fee” and free web ranking services. Anyhow, it is not up to us to judge who is better. We just figure that if the total number of Internet sites exceeds 182 millions and we are in the top 0.1% sites by all the three major ranking services (Alexa and Compete rank our site, at the moment of writing this post; as 125,493 and 123,303, respectively), we must be doing something right!


RadarFarms Now is in the Top 200,000 Sites by Alexa

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Our site has been launched on June 1, 2006 and, thus, we are already 2.5 years old. For the World Wide Web, it is quite a while. We started slowly but gained some traction lately.

As a result, we made to the top 200,000 sites by Alexa:


Some people may say that it is not the big deal and they may have a point. However, we are still proud because, according to the study by Netcraft, there were over 182 mln web sites and blogs on the Web in October, 2008. Assuming that the Alexa rankings are more or less correct (there is a lot of controversy the way Alexa is ranking the sites), we are close to the top 1% of the web sites.

Actually as of January 16, 2008, we are officially ranked by Alexa as 188, 147. However, Alexa is usually late with updating its own ranks and some sites using Alexa API are more up-to-date with the Alex ranks. Our site profile by Quarkbase indicates that our rank is 177,001. Therefore, we are actually in the top 1% of the Web.

Alexa also provides ranks by countries and we are in the top 25,000 sites for South Africa, in the top 30,000 sites for Canada, in the top 35,000 sites for Argentina and Brazil and in the top 40,000 sites for Indonesia. We are also very close to making the top 100,000 for the United States (we are ranked as 113,421):


Quantcast, another free Web rating agency and major Alexa competitor, ranked us in December, 2008 as 59,920 in terms of the US traffic:


So, we are doing quite well stateside too. If you would like to learn more about the different free Web rating agencies, you could visit our radar covering the subject.

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